January 19, 2018

Kupcake Koree, the story...

I've always had this fascination about baking for men. I'd wear the tiny little sexy outfit, as the inspiration, to making them a pleasurable baked good. I have always thought that what you wear puts you in the mood for what you are doing.

My baking fantasy finally came true...

I prepared the kitchen with the necessary ingredients, carefully selected at the local store - I think that younger Cashier likes me, he always has something nice to say.

I couldn't prepare cookies or cupcakes for my man unless I was properly dressed. Without the outfit, where is the inspiration?

For inspiration, I put on my favorite - yes I have more than one pair - of pink fishnets with the seam up the back of the leg, my little sheer apron and a matching sexy pink bra. To complete the outfit, I slip on a pair of silver stiletto heels!

I imagine my man, relaxing after a long days work, maybe reading the paper or watching the latest Sports News. He's in his "downtime" that he needs every evening. I enter the kitchen, not saying a word, all dressed in my baking outfit. I start getting out all the ingredients to make my cupcakes for him. He doesn't look up, I don't speak.

I proceed to start my project and notice he may want a beverage. I love to cater to my man... I fix him a cocktail and slowly reach down to give him a kiss and hand him the drink.

As I am bending over him, he notices what I am wearing. All of a sudden, I now notice, I have his full attention! I lean in to let him smell the cake batter that accidentally fell into my cleavage. I lick the spatula and give him a kiss, so he can get a taste of what's to come...

He loves the scent and the sweetness of the batter; and fantasizing about what's next... he's now looking forward to a little more than a few cupcakes…

As I'm walking my way back to the kitchen, I can feel his eyes on me, caressing my skin from neck to heels. I turn around and catch him watching me, I enjoy being watched... Mmmmmmm. He can now see in my eyes that I'm willing to give him more than cupcakes tonight.

He knows he's distracted me, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish baking now... He approaches me, from behind, wrapping his arms around my waist, and kissing my neck. He dips his finger in the batter of the cake mix and runs the batter down my neck, then licks it off. My nerve endings shiver to his touch. I stop him and say: "it's my turn now!" I return the favor... before you know it, we are licking the batter off each others bodies.

The cupcakes are the last thing on each of our minds... are the cupcakes still on your mind?

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