January 19, 2018

Koree Bound

The last time I was abroad, I found these insanely sexy boots. They are thigh high with a leopard print. I had always had this wild idea of having a photographer, shoot me in the boots. Only the boots... So when I was approached at a party by a photography student, interning at a local studio, I jumped at the opportunity.

The anticipation was building while driving to meet him. When I arrived at his studio, I was wearing a cute little denim outfit. I needed to look good for the man who was going to immortalize me...

He loved the outfit so much, that he asked if I wanted to take a few pictures in it; I figured: "why not?"

We started shooting, as my favorite CD, was playing in the background. He made me feel comfortable right away, and I knew I needed to watch myself. Who knows, I could get carried away, in that remote photo studio… I was dancing to the tunes and he was clicking away. My clothes seemed to naturally come off little by little, and soon enough, I was wearing only, the leopard boots… Strangely, I felt very comfortable. It was cold in this large studio, but the sexual tension, that had been building up, was quickly, raising the temperature.

I loved the feeling of the cold air, brushing up against, my nakedness. My mind started to wander, at that point. I am imagining his hands running all over my body. I think today this photography student, might end up studying more than photography… I don’t want him to see my attraction, not yet; so I hide my hard nipples behind my hair, for one last picture, in the boots.

As I am walking towards the changing room, I notice some ropes on the studio wall. They are tied in a very seductive style. I have to know more about them… I inquire, and he explains that he tied those knots for a commercial photo shoot that he was working on. He was the only one with sailing experience, so they asked him to tie the ropes.

My mind is going in all directions right now, I’m starting to feel a burning sensation inside me. For some reason, looking at these ropes and imagining them around my body is starting to really turn me on...

In the corporate world, I am always the one in control, the one calling the shots; so I've always been fascinated by ropes and the thought of giving up control; and what better person to give up control to, but this handsome photography student...

He is a little shy, and I don’t want to shock him; but I know that if I don’t bring it up, I will always regret it. I ask, he says yes; a little hesitant, but I can see he is starting to get really horny, looking at my body and imagining the ropes around it.

He insists I take off the boots, as he hands me a mask. Hmmm, interesting concept, now with the mask, I can be whomever, I want... and whomever he wants… The ropes come next... he reaches for my wrist and starts tying me up; the sexual tension is reaching new heights. Feeling his hands on my arms as he is tying the ropes around them, is sensory overload. I can see he is as turned on, as I am. Feeling the ropes against my skin, is something I have never experienced..something I can't put into words.

He has me lie down, after tying up. both wrists. He begins taking pictures. The glance he gives me, after taking each shot, has my body tingling. I can see the attraction in his eyes; and by now, my body language is pretty obvious to him. I don’t think we can keep taking pictures, I think I need to do, what I do best...take control...

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