January 19, 2018

Dark, Tall and Handsome Man Fantasy

I've always had this fantasy of meeting a dark tall handsome man, having a very sexy encounter with him and never uttering a single word. My fantasy finally came true. While on one of my business trips, I ducked into a pub and was craving more than a glass of vino. I had watched this man enter and all of a sudden I found myself following him into the establishment. He stood at the bar and I found a table within watching distance. He intrigued me, I had to know more, I had to have him, if only for a few hours.

He glanced around the room and noticed me. I smiled the slightest smile, almost embarrassed that he caught me looking. To my surprise, he walked over, and asked if I was a tourist. I nodded and asked if he'd like to show me the sights. After very little small talk, we left together. His flat was nearby, we walked directly there. The animal magnetism was definitely there...

The instant we were in the door, his hands ran up the side of my leg, underneath my dress. My eyes met his and we were both in a trance. He drew me near, to kiss me and I tingled all over. The smell of his body, his strong hands running up and down my body, left me weak. His lips met mine and I wanted to surrender to this man. He carried me over to a chair in the room, that smelled of jasmine. He gracefully laid me into the chair and started kissing my neck. He took his hands and ran his fingers through my hair, his touch, so gentle.

Every nerve in my body was alert! His lips on my neck, then my chest, then my breasts, I wanted more.....He held me down, being submissive was a huge turn on! His arms holding my shoulders down, made me feel like he was in control. I became so wet, so turned on. His strong muscles, his tanned, toned body had me ready for anything.

He grabbed my hair, I let out a gasp, I hadn't anticipated that, and in return, I grabbed his.... I was breathing heavy, he knew I was in total submission. Then the unexpected happened....his live-in girlfriend came home! Now, I'm not intimidated by girls, I happen to love girls. She joined in, without a word, she kissed me, she kissed him, and we all slowing without a word, entered their bedroom. We were all very turned on, the smells, the sounds, the emotion of all of this, was so intense. Kissing, licking, sliding from one another to the other, never missing a beat. Never leaving anyone out, it was an extremely amazing afternoon treat!

After several hours, we were exhausted, we were all satisfied, and the afternoon had been a complete fantasy. I left shortly after our tryst, never asking for names or numbers. I know that a certain part of me, will always remember that nameless afternoon, and hope, really hope, that it happens again!!

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