January 19, 2018

Dude Ranch

As you all know by now, I am a fan of sexy adventures and if I can ask my BFF along, the better the adventure becomes!!

I got a call from a friend that has just been to a sort of "Play Ranch for the ladies". She called it a Dude Ranch but there were all kinds of stories that went along with it!

My girlfriend and I arrived to a ranch type setting with all kinds of scantily dressed cowboys, wearing not much more than chaps and a smile. Just looking around the place made you horny as hell! We each changed into little short cutoffs, pretty bras and tied shirts around us, just to get in the spirit!

We walked into the barn, and a couple of cowboys started eyeing us from across the room. As they walked towards us I got more and more excited. Apparently the newcomers welcome was a body rub, and a slow, seductive kiss from a cowboy. As his hands seductively roamed my "ever so welcoming" body, I was tingling all over. His lips met mine, he closed his eyes and kissed me, like we were lovers. I look over at my BFF, and she's having the same sexy experience! I can get used to this treatment...

We scheduled massages for our first day there, so off we were, escorted to the private massage rooms. I was pleasantly surprised after I had undressed and laid under the cool sheet, that the cowboy that had kissed me so passionately, was my masseuse! Laying on my stomach, I placed my head in the massage donut and heard him warming his hands with the massage oil....I was instantly turned on! He started at my feet and ever so slowly went all the way up my inner thighs with one smooth stroke. His fingers lingered longer than they should, for a professional massage, but this one was different. He knew there was an instant attraction. The second or third time it happened, I anticipated it, and let out a little moan. Was I intentionally letting him know, he was free to linger there, a little longer...yes, I think so... I felt his lips on my back, as the sheet that was over me, fell softly to the floor. He was kissing his way up my back, running his hands all over my body. Every nerve in my body was tingling. I didn't want this to end! The strokes, the rhythm of his hands and lips on my tan toned body was going to make me explode and he hadn't even turned me over yet!

Just as my body felt like it had melted into the masseuse table, he gently whispered in my ear that he wanted me to turn over. Not feeling the least bit uncomfortable, being naked around this man, I did, as he asked. As my head was rested, he kissed me right on the lips as he ran his hands over my breasts. I felt my nipples become hard and erect!! My body was aching for more. I opened my eyes to see that his "wrap" had come off and he was enjoying this, as much as I. I gently closed my eyes again and anticipated each gentle stroke of his hands on every inch of my body. He took my hand and placed it where he wanted it, I didn't hesitate, it just seemed natural that I would get to touch him, as well...... What happened next, of course, is KoreesSecret.......

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