January 19, 2018

Goddess Koree

I love role playing, I think putting yourself in a fantasy allows you to open your sexual energy. I was invited to a resort that allows you to live out those fantasies...

I love being taken care of, although, I am such an amazing Dom! I arrive at the resort with all intentions of just letting myself "just go there"! I go into hair and makeup first. The makeup artist, is a very scantly clad male, and sexy as hell. He moves so close to me, that I can feel his breath, on my robed body. He looks into my eyes with an intenseness that makes me quiver. Can I be getting turned on? I'm naked under my silk robe, I can feel my nipples harden as his elbow grazes them, while doing my lip color. I look down as I settle back into my chair and realize my robe has draped open and both my breasts are exposed. I have no intention of pulling it back closed, it's a turn on, and he doesn't seem to mind!

I am then, escorted to wardrobe, and a gorgeous young woman is the wardrobe coordinator. She asks me to drop my robe, she wants to see my body, after all, she's going to make my fantasy of being a goddess comes true. She hands me a few things, all sheer, of course! She erotically runs her hands down my curves, pretending to smooth the draping in the fabric. She and I both know what she's doing. I love the feel of her hands on my body, her light touch makes me extremely wet.

This experience has been incredible already! What more can I expect?! My wardrobe is very little, I choose a few items, and am escorted by two men that are my men servants. I'm told they will do anything, I ask. I'm sat on a concrete throne, there are props all around me. I joke that I'd love to be fed grapes! Don't all goddess's get fed grapes? My men servants are here to cater to me, they are topless, and request that I should do the same. Hell, it's my fantasy, a topless Goddess is sexy. The sudden breeze on my already hard nipples makes me all the more excited… My men servants have very strong hands, I ask that they lightly brush my body with them, they both take the lead, and start lightly running their lips on my skin, as well... I'm in total submission, their roaming hands, their lips running up and down my body make me quiver. They feel my body tremble, they continue, four incredibly sexy hands touching every part of my body. My breathing becomes heavy. Long extended breaths, as I arch my back, my breasts are almost praising the gods! Two hands on my breasts, two hands roaming at the top of my legs, lips, moving into sexual places. It's erotic, it's invigorating, my skin is so sensitive, to their touch.... I want more..... The tall one whispers in my ear, "There's more if you desire it, Goddess Koree"..... I take their hands, they lead me into a room of beautiful flowers and pillows, a gorgeous fireplace, and very sensual music playing. I shut my eyes, and lay down on a bed of pillows.......and the rest is Koree's Secret.....

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